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The founder of FuseLINK DJs is Paul Cantu. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. He started DJ’ing in the early 90’s at local popular clubs, as well as entertaining large venue events. His true passion for the music entertainment business has led him to evolve into one of Houston’s most requested DJ.

Paul’s ability to understand his clients’ wants and needs, and incorporate their vision with his expertise creates the perfect fusion and has enabled him to create the unique events which are the foundation of the company’s reputation.

A short message from the DJ:

My job as a DJ mainly consists of two things: First, I must select the songs that the majority of the audience wants to hear and play them at the right moment. Second, I must be able to go from one song to another in such a way that the rhythm/beat remains constant so that it does not break-up, nor disturb those that are dancing. This is where experience comes in hand!

I believe DJ’ing is a matter of time, good judgment on music choices and good communication with clients. It is what differentiates the good DJs from the inexperienced ones.

With the latest music, software and equipment, it’s thus not my ability to quickly put a disc/song in tempo or scratching that will make me a better DJ, but rather my choices of songs that the majority wants and how I mix them in.

If you’re dancing, then I’ve done my job!

Paul Cantu

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Paul Cantu
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