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FuseLINK DJs takes great pride in the high quality equipment that we use for our events. We use professional grade equipment proven to endure long hours of use without compromising quality.

Below is the equipment we use to ensure that you’re getting the best quality in sound and lighting effects that your event deserves.


Yorkville Unity™ Series
U15P Powered Speaker Top - 900w 15 / 3x5 inch / 1 inch.

Since its introduction in late 2003, the Unity™ Series has well established itself as one of the most advanced, most versatile and most efficient high-powered portable PA cabinet designs currently available. The radical Unity™ Summation Aperture Horn Technology provides remarkably even high / mid frequency distribution from the 60º x 60º horn assembly, delivering unmatched clarity and definition from a loudspeaker box.


Yorkville élite Series
LS800P - Powered Subwoofer, 1500w, 1x18 inch.

The ultimate choice in active subwoofers, the LS800P combines a cast-frame, neodymium-based 18-inch bass driver with a rear-loaded bass horn enclosure made from 15mm birch ply covered in rugged black ultrathane-painted. Now add 1,500 continuous Watts of onboard power! Result, A Rugged, High-Powered “Earth Mover”!


Technics Turntable
The Technics turntable that has been the industry standard for 20+ years. The Technics turntable is still #1 recommendation. The feel and durability are unmatched. It remains the best turntable available, and one that is used in 99% of all major club and venues. Some newer turntables may have more features, but this is the superior overall product, and is the preferred choice for all types of DJ’ing.


Scratch LIVE
Serato Scratch LIVE lightens the load for the professional traveling DJ. Heavy crates of records can be exchanged into a huge library of music that can be easily transported on a computer hard drive.

It is the only digital DJ system that stays true to the art of DJing with no auto sync or effects by design.
The DJ is in control of the mix at all times, not the computer!



Macintosh macbook pro

Intelligent Lighting
Our lighting will enhance and complete any atmosphere of your event. We only use high end lighting from companies such as Martin, American DJ and Elation.

Our lighting is used to add liveliness and energy to the dance floor, entry ways or cocktail areas. All of our lighting and effects are activated and controlled by the light technician for unmatched results.

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